I am an adventurer!

I am:

  • a yogi
  • a climber
  • a hiker
  • a backpacker
  • a damn good dog mom
  • an angler (fly fishing)
  • a runner
  • a mountain biker

….and this just turned into an affirmation list instead of an introduction, whoops!

I was a ballerina, and when that dream died, well, let’s just say it’s taking longer than I expected to phoenix a new dream out of those ashes. I have a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, but I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with it. I want to go to graduate school someday, but I’m not sure for what. Basically, I’m not sure about much of anything at this point. Contributing to that, I’ve also had some struggles with anxiety, depression, and disordered eating, and while I’m in recovery, I’m very much living that whole “always in recovery, never recovered” thing. Becoming an adventurer is not easy, and I seem to be taking an especially long time and having an especially hard time doing so.

I hope you enjoy reading some of my stories, and always feel free to contact me with feedback.